Campers flock to Prophetstown, Morrison state parks


PROPHETSTOWN, Ill. (AP) - Prophetstown State Recreation Area is Brad Pollock's home away from home '" even though it's not too far from his real home '" so when the 55-year-old realized he couldn't pitch a tent and sit by campfire along the Rock River, it was quite the bummer. That all changed as Phase 3 of Illinois' reopening plan brought about by the COVID-19 health pandemic came to fruition. '?It feels good finally, and I don't have to worry about it,' said Pollock, glad to get some camping in before he resumes work Sunday at Sterling Steel after a short furlough. Pollock had his tent, but forgot his pillow, he realized after returning to his tent at 2 a.m. after fishing at the nearby Walker's Slough. Despite that, he's glad he got outside. '?It's...

Campers flock to Prophetstown, Morrison state parks

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